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About Us

STARTED WITH THE DESIRE TO HELP. In 2012, SGC Events under Silverhands Events Management was founded by Sarah Guerrero-Casim. It all started with just the desire to help challenged soon-to-wed couples by providing them tips and what-to-list for their big day.

PASSION TO HELP BECAME A BUSINESS. It became SGC’s way-of-life to let the people know that they can still have beautiful events even if there are budget constraints. It became SGC’s mission to help their clients to achieve the desired output in a cost-efficient way. Our sincerity to make our clients happy brought us this far.

 NEW FOCUS. Now on SGC’s 5th year, SGC Events shall venture in Corporate Events, Marketing Solutions and Advocacy Campaigns. In SGC Events’ core team has the expertise earned through their engagement as marketing professionals in different industries including Food Retail & Franchising, IT Solutions, Beauty and Wellness, Banking and Finance, FMCG Retailing, Oil/Petroleum, and Pharmaceutical, we shall strive to meet and exceed clients’ unique needs and expectations. SGC Events aims to bring significant impact and promote business continuity.


SGC Events envisions itself to be one of the most admired event management companies in the Philippines. It will be admired by their passion and creativity, ability to put imagination into reality and most especially, the heart to help build better communities.


The purpose of our existence is to bring breakthroughs in the Event Management industry. To bring each event to its most innovative form giving each audience a boundless experience, for all events: from a grassroot activation to a major conference.